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Streamline Compliance, Gain Insights, and Drive Sustainability with ESGImpact

Transform your Sustainability Journey with ESGImpact

The ESGImpact Platform is an Enterprise wide Business Application developed to streamline compliance with regulatory requirements, while empowering clients with intelligence and insights to build a sustainable business.

In an increasingly complex regulatory environment, ESGImpact offers a robust solution to navigate the challenges of sustainability reporting and compliance, ensuring your business not only meets but exceeds all global ESG standards.

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How ESGImpact Works

ESGImpact integrates seamlessly into your existing systems, providing a centralized platform where data from various sources is collected, analyzed, and reported.

Our advanced analytics transform raw data into actionable insights, enabling you to make informed decisions that enhance your sustainability initiatives. From data management to reporting, ESGImpact simplifies every step of your ESG journey.

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Actionable Insights

Powerful actionable insights to clients for ESG tracking and reporting purposes

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Rapid Deployment

Rapid deployment in weeks including full setup and configuration

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Regulatory Compliance

Prebuilt Regulatory Frameworks ensure you are always abreast of your compliance obligations

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Automated Reporting

70 prebuilt reports and dashboards provide an immediate lens on the business

ESGImpact Platform Features

Capture, Manage, and Report on your ESG data to seamlessly navigate the complexities of sustainability reporting and achieve ESG excellence.

360° Analytics: Access enterprise-wide ESG analytics and dashboarding, offering a holistic view across all elements of ESG on a single platform.

Auditable Workflow Management: Implement workflows that provide complete traceability and accountability, crucial for maintaining compliance and data integrity.

Prebuilt Global Frameworks: Adapt prebuilt metrics and requirements for leading global frameworks like IFRS S1/S2, GRI, ESRS, TCFD, and UN SDGs, making compliance straightforward and reliable.

Cloud Data Platform – ESGLake: Utilize our secure, central cloud data platform, ESGLake, to manage and govern all your ESG data efficiently.

Dashboard View

Instantly access 40 interactive pre-built ESG dashboards with a single click, accompanied by an automated summary report for Environmental, Social, and Governance.


Environmental Dashboard


Social Dashboard


Governance Dashboard


Automated Summary Report

Your Sustainability Journey is our Priority

Let us guide you towards ESG excellence, where compliance is streamlined, actions drive positive change, and insights lead to informed decisions.

Our ESG Deployment Partners

Experience the power of our ESGImpact Platform, developed in collaboration with top technology partners. Our expertise ensures unparalleled excellence and reliability in delivery, helping you achieve ESG excellence.

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Get Started with ESGImpact

Take the next step in your sustainability journey with ESGImpact.

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