Streamline Compliance and Unlock Insights for ESG Success

Our ESG Approach

Our ESG approach is built on a foundation of deep industry knowledge, technological innovation, and a commitment to sustainability.

ESGImpact Platform

Our ESGImpact Platform is a powerful system, enabling organisations to collect, analyse, and disseminate ESG-related information with precision and agility.

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Making The ESG Leap

For over 15 years Decision Inc. has been at the forefront of helping enterprise clients adopt new technology, embrace transformation and prepare their people for change.

Our ESG offering and technology solutions leverage the best of these 3 capabilities to support clients in this transformation. Specialist consultants that understand the regulatory requirements as well as technology and data engineers provide the platform to simplify and automate the business processes that need to exist to track, manage and improve performance.

By 2026 Environmental Sustainability will be a higher CEO strategic business priority than Technology related categories

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The Impact of ESG on Business Growth

ESG will have a significant impact on a company’s long-term success, reputation, and sustainability.

Enhanced Performance: Improved operational efficiency, risk management, and long-term financial performance. Businesses can become more resilient and adaptable in a rapidly changing business landscape.

Stakeholder Engagement: Provides an avenue for businesses to engage with various stakeholders, positively influencing brand reputation and customer loyalty.

Innovation and Growth: Developing sustainable products, services, and technologies not only addresses global issues but can also lead to new revenue streams and market opportunities.

Long-Term Value Creation: ESG integration is aligned with the concept of sustainable business practices. By considering the long-term impacts of decisions, businesses can create value that extends beyond short- term financial gains, ensuring their viability and success over time.

Talent Attraction and Retention: Adopting ESG practices can help businesses attract and retain top talent, contributing to a more engaged and motivated workforce.

Our ESG Approach

Embrace the ESG significance with Decision Inc. Our tailored ESGImpact approach supports clients through their entire sustainability journey, from inception to continuous management, ensuring societal and environmental impact alongside enhanced performance and growth

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Consulting and Advisory Services

Global Standards Development and Process Design

Framework and Metric Development

Change Management

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Technology Platform Implementation

ESGImpact Solution Implementation

Microsoft Sustainability Manager Implementation

ESG Data Lake

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Managed Services

Data Management and Governance

Process Management and Automation

Reporting as a Service

Our ESG Expertise

Experience the power of our ESGImpact Platform, developed in collaboration with top technology partners. Our expertise ensures unparalleled excellence and reliability in delivery, helping you achieve ESG excellence.

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